Across the nation, on every college campus, there has been a rising trend in listening to audiobooks by students. Some students listen to audio books rather then reading assigned text, some to help learn a foreign language, some to catch up on politics, religion and some just to catch up on their reading for pleasure.

Some feel it is cheating, and some feel it is just taking advantage of today’s technology. Students are choosing to listen to audiobooks rather then read their assigned books for class.

If you have ever taken an English or classic literature class, you know how much reading goes with each course. It can be hard to juggle your reading for each class, working full time or at a part time job, and having a social life. As a result of this many students are choosing to listen to their Shakespeare, Hamlet, or other classics as audiobooks.

Business majors also enjoy listening to audiobooks. There are many classics like the work of Dale Carnegie, audiobooks that teach sales, real estate, leadership, management and finance. These business major students that listen to audiobooks are learning how to best manage their time at a young age and this will no doubt help them in the business world later in life.

Students of foreign languages also frequently listen to audiobooks. Imagine if you are struggling in a Spanish, French, or Chinese class but could not afford an expensive tutor. Audiobooks that teach a language are a great way to reinforce what you have been learning in class and will surely help you grasp the language and do better on your tests.

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