Audio books are created when an actor, actress or someone paid to read, reads from the book. Some offer embellished accents for certain lines and conversations. A common misconception is that the listener will become lost in the monotonous drone of children audio books and not pay attention to the actual story. The abilities of the reader are far more advanced than fourth grade reading groups where one child read aloud as others followed along with the book.

It is increasingly common for most popular children’s books to become children audio books. Parenting groups recommend reading to a child from an early age. Children audio books accomplish this when the space or time frame does not allow for reading aloud, especially while driving.

Audiobooks are used in schools by teachers of second-language learners, learning-disabled students, and struggling readers or nonreaders. Audiobooks have proven successful in providing a way for these students to access literature and enjoy books. Audio books can be beneficial for all children when they are used to introduce new vocabulary or difficult proper names or locales, provide a read-aloud model, or provide a bridge to important topics of discussion for parents and children who can listen together while commuting to sporting events, music lessons, or on vacations.
(Benefits of Audiobooks for All Readers, Denise Johnson)

Whatever the child is interested in; there are children audio books in public libraries available at the cost of a library card. These free audio books can be checked out and listened to anywhere. If you don’t have the time to stop at the library you can instantly download one from an online store and have it available for an Ipod, MP3 player or put on a CD. Bring them to parks, picnics, games, or traveling since these can all be times to listen to a good book. The audio books help develop the child and can begin a life-long love of reading.

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